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Whatever I believe about myself on the inside ... is what I will manifest on the outside. Life is a great adventure and it all begins in the world within.

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Weatherwood Farm is my passion and bliss. Many paths have fueled this dream and I'd love to share. Got dreams?

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Deb Waldron

I have deep roots. I live 3/10 of a mile from where I grew up, in the town where my parents grew up and my grandparents lived much of their lives. I retired after spending my entire 35-year teaching career all in the same school district.
I am recreating myself as an entrepreneur. Spirit moves me and speaks to me from many directions. Quite often the “speaker” has fur and paws (or hooves). Many stay once we’ve had a conversation! I am the sum total of all I have been up until now. The project that is “me” is still evolving and I’m enjoying the journey.

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