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Week 3 – A Guide Learns from Members

The First few Weeks of the Master Key Course Every aspect of the Master Key Experience is an opportunity for learning. This is certainly true in the first few weeks, for new students (aka members). EVERYTHING is new – the reading, the mental exercises, the physical activities, the time commitment, the EMOTIONAL commitment! The same holds true for […]

Week 2 – Fluidity

It just takes a LITTLE to change a LOT! We are only into the second week of this session of the Master Keys and already I “see” changes in my world! Nothing major – but then, most of life isn’t major, just tiny, everyday tasks and occurrences, repeated without thinking, yes? I love being the […]

Week 0 – September fascinates me!

September = “Back to School”! From the time I started Kindergarten in 1955 (yup) until I retired from a 35-year career as an elementary school art teacher … September has meant “back to school” – either as a student or a teacher! How refreshing it has been since retiring, to simply embrace each day without […]

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