Week 17: A Guide’s journey of “PER” …


glowingtreasurechestI am dropping the following words into my consciousness this week – to inform all that I observe and think and do. I am grateful and excited to see where this leads.

Permission – “to afford the opportunity for … allow to do

Persistence – “to continue steadfastly or firmly in a purpose or course of action in spite of opposition … last, or endure, tenaciously”

Perception – “immediate or intuitive recognition or appreciation or understanding

Personal – “of the nature of an individual rational being

Perfect – “exactly fitting the need in a certain situation or for a certain purpose

youinspiredmeMy week (like that of many MKE members, I imagine), “begins” on Sunday afternoon following our weekly webinar. So, my week of “per” starts with … PERMISSION, because we were all decidedly encouraged, on the webinar, to give OURSELVES permission for any number of things in our lives. This simple act, often is the key to unlocking any obstacle to that which we truly desire. When was the last time you seriously granted YOURSELF permission for something? And believed it to be TRUE? I find it to be empowering – and an action I intend to consciously repeat whenever the need arises!

Thus, I now give myself PERMISSION to be: happy. I also grant myself permission to be successful, calm, organized, and patient. I am allowed to be kind, observant, whole, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, forgiving, and tolerant! And the week has just begun!

As a collective group, we had been noticing KINDNESS during the past week, as part of our spin on the “Franklin Makeover”. We’d watched for kindnesses done by others, for others, for us, BY us, TO ourselves – kindnesses acknowledged, kindnesses concealed. We agreed to each attempt at least two RAK’s (random acts of kindness) daily – without getting “caught”! We’d shared them with each other, celebrated each other – and also pondered them silently with our higher selves. By the time the webinar began on Sunday, we had globally amassed over 8500 acts of kindness! GLOBALLY! In one week! Talk about the power of a mastermind, collectively laser-focused in harmony! Amazing!

We continue the witnessing of KINDNESS this week and add into the mix our own unique character trait (that which we want to expand upon – that which, of course, we already possess – or we wouldn’t be able to observe it in others). As would be befitting this week, the word on my chart is … PERSISTENCE! Looking for it causes it to appear – and it does. I am most especially happy when it inserts itself into MY actions – and it began immediately. I will hold it tenaciously.

All this observing, witnessing, experiencing and pondering has a distinct way of altering my PERCEPTIONS. I love the phrase, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” Yes … they … do.

Which, ultimately, I have come to take PERSONALLY. Owning it, breathing it and internalizing the changes that are occurring. Building on these experiences, I am creating the future. All of it, consciously and deliberately. Culminating with the thoughts, observations and actions being absolutely PERFECT – as defined above, “exactly fitting the need in a certain situation or for a certain purpose”. I am creating MY perfect life.

It’s a wonderful journey. Peace be yours.


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