Week 2 – Fluidity

It just takes a LITTLE to change a LOT!

We are only into the second week of this session of the Master Keys and already I “see” changes in my world! Nothing major – but then, most of life isn’t major, just tiny, everyday tasks and occurrences, repeated without thinking, yes?

I love being the “observer” – which is sort of an out-of-body experience really – and what I have been observing is that something has made a tiny shift toward fluidity. By that I mean that tasks are being accomplished with no conscious impulse – they just get done. My mind is calm – not dancing from one thing to another, focusing on nothing. “Someone else” is driving the bus!

It’s quite surreal to be a meta-participant in my own life and yet, that is one of the inexplicable outcomes of being a student of the Master Keys! And, really, it makes sense. By studying our conscious thoughts and directing them inward to supply our SUBconscious mind with positive and true and beneficial information, we construct the perfect roadmap to a wonder-ful future.

“Our subconscious mind perceives by intuition and it’s processes are rapid. It accomplishes tasks so intricate that no conscious mind, even if it had the power, has the capacity for.” (Haanel, Master Key Part 2)

Members this week are also exploring two things very central to their essential natures. Called “Personal Pivotal Needs” (or PPNs), these elements are what give “oxygen to our soul” – that which makes us breathless, or time stand still. They are at our core. They are why we are on the planet. What are they?

Legacy  –  what you will leave behind

Spiritual Growth  –  the passion of your heart to grow in spirit

Autonomy  –  ability to come and go as one pleases, independence

Liberty  –  having the money to do all the things one wishes

Helping Others  –  in myriad possible ways

Recognition for Creative Expression  – from a well-set table to master art work and all creativity in between

True Health  – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual

Which two would your heart pick for you? Observe your life this week and see what makes you smile … what makes you proud … what makes you the happiest. You may find your own PPNs! I hope you do.

Stop in next week for more. It’s quite the adventure!


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