Week 3 – A Guide Learns from Members


The First few Weeks of the Master Key Course

Every aspect of the Master Key Experience is an opportunity for learning. This is certainly true in the first few weeks, for new students (aka members). EVERYTHING is new – the reading, the mental exercises, the physical activities, the time commitment, the EMOTIONAL commitment!

The same holds true for Guides as well as I witnessed firsthand this week! I’m part of a mastermind group of guides who frequently share ideas, concerns, questions and challenges. While we are honored to hold our members’ dreams gently as we mentor them along this journey, our own journeys benefit from observing their experiences.  I know this is true for me. I am a better person and am living into MY dreams through this process.

I am humbled when I observe members exploring their dreams, their hopes, their visions for a perfect life of abundance and service … maybe for the very first time EVER! It can be scary, it can be daunting, it can be mind-boggling … all at the same time. By interacting with them as they share their struggles, their successes, their awarenesses, I get new insights into my own.


By Week 3, many are completely overwhelmed … and yet … they SEE, they FEEL, they just KNOW that all the frustrations they are dealing with, are simply their “old blueprint” mindset trying to feel comfortable and unchallenged. The beauty in that? They ALSO know that they, themselves, have the inner power to control the creation of a “new blueprint” that will change everything! With that confidence, they persist and chip away at the control of that old blueprint (we call it “cement”), discovering the gold of their new blueprint starting to shine through! Very cool.

My favorite part? Reading members’ blogs, or the DMP writings my members work on with me, and seeing tiny glimmers … just TINY sparkles … of confidence and faith and belief and hope starting to emerge. I’m sure they don’t even realize the significance of what their words imply. Only from the perspective of one who has travelled their path several years already, can I recognize the signs. I love it! Every. single. time.

And I expect to see it more and more as the weeks go on. This is awesome.

They will share some of their journeys here with you in the coming weeks. Join us.powertobe

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