Week 4 – A Guide’s Journey with a Guest

we have a guest

Please welcome my guest blogger today, Melissa Sakyi! One of the distinct pleasures of being a guide in the Master Key Experience is having the opportunity to introduce you to the members I’m working with – individuals who are embarking on their own Hero’s Journey.

The MKE is an intense, 6 month commitment to self-discovery. Charles Haanel, author of the Master Keys, tells us this process includes “… labor, hard mental labor, the kind of effort which so few are willing to put forth.” (7:4) The members of the MKE do indeed put forth this type of effort. And … they see the rewards sifting into their lives almost immediately!

buddhafaceThey are truly crafting their bliss – their dharma in life – from the inside out. We use the metaphor of the Golden Buddha for this process – chipping away at the cement to reveal the gold beneath. We are ALL golden.

guest bloggerMelissa is today’s guest blogger. She comes to the Master Key Experience with a love of the philosophy and science of learning how the mind words … and how to notice what we may have been missing. She believes that by becoming the person we need to be, we attract into our lives that which we want.

We are in Week 4 of our 6-month journey and already Melissa has encountered a variety of experiences with her “world within”! Please take this chance to read about Melissa’s inspiring journey. (I’d even suggest going back and checking out her other posts as well!)

More next week … I promise! Hope you’ll stop by! Leave a comment. Let me know you were here.

Peace by your journey this week,


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