Week 8 – A Guide’s Journey – the diet affects my tribe

The Mental Diet – different for each person

Week 8 was all about remembering that, while we are free to choose what we think, the results of those thoughts are governed by immutable law. No vagaries and whims. Cosmos – not Chaos. The Universe is a wonderful thing.  If  thought is constructive and harmonious – the result will be good. If the thought is destructive or inharmonious, the result will be evil. The Mental Diet provides a framework to “learn to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind, out of your office , and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end in view.” (Haanel, Part 8. #4)

Another wonderful thing is the way the lessons of the Master Keys speak to each person in the words they most need to hear in the moment. I hear something slightly different every year. Why? How? The lessons are the same. The format, the requirements, the exercises, the goals … same, same, same, same. The experience?    … Me?   … NEW!  Different every single time. 

old is new again

Like walking the path of a spiral – or a labyrinth – I pass the starting point multiple times, and yet I am not at exactly the same place I was on the previous pass, am I? My members are on their first trip through the Master Keys and they shared their reactions to Week 8 in their blogs.

My Tribe members have their own reactions

One realized that he needed to assume a different mindset with regard to the weekly webinar:

“The mistake that I made yesterday when I was not focused while attempting to listen to the webinar taught me a valuable lesson that I must replace arrogance with humility. It’s no longer about the ability to assimilate, but now I need to apply. I am a friend of mine. I am witnessing my future and I have no limits.” CC

The mood he takes, the thoughts he thinks – all combine to create his future. He truly HAS no limits!

“I have become better at exercising and following a diet. I’m speaking of exercising the Law of Substitution and following the Mental Diet. … I now know that I was not controlling my conscious mind – I was letting the thoughts embedded by Subby stunt my imagination and keep me in a state of discord and disharmony. … Doing the required work every day is reprogramming my brain to believe I can fulfill my definite major purpose. My confidence is rising.” JK

She has become an excellent observer of herself, yes?

“How can you go back on your dreams? It’s true – it is the sin of the desert – holding back water for someone who needs it and you know you have plenty. It’s the worst crime you can commit. On whom? YOURSELF. MS

She sees the action. She sees the IMPACT of that action. She knows … The way is simple, although it’s not easy. These three are all finding that, at times, it can be gut-wrenchingly difficult and discouraging. They also see that it is always completely worth the effort. Their futures are worth it.

I agree. MY future is worth it and your future is worth it too. The more we observe our thoughts and then choose the ones with the greater potential for good, the more harmonious and impact-ful the future becomes. For everyone.

Peace be your journey this week. Join us again next time!


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